IoT what is it? IoT in lighting

Internet of Things (IoT - Internet of Things or Intelligence of Things) is simply a system of electronic devices which, without human intervention, only via the network can communicate with each other, exchange and process data. IoT in the lighting industry is the next step in adapting lighting systems to our daily biorhythm and generate even greater savings, while increasing our quality of life.

Intelligent LED lighting management system

An Intelligent LED lighting management system is not only an electrotechnical product but also a product from the IT industry. This branch adapts technological innovations much faster and uses them in everyday life. Therefore, the creation of the entire network of connections and transmitters integrated with the power supply systems of the luminaire made it possible to:

  • controlling and adapting the light to the ambient temperature
  • atmospheric pressure
  • natural light intensity
  • room volume analysis
  • whether the traffic volume within the luminaires.

This unlimited amount of data is the basis for the analysis and adjustment of lighting functions to the prevailing conditions. This information can be used not only to improve the comfort and safety of users but also to increase operating savings.

Lena Lighting iot system

ClueIN - a system in harmony with the human biorhythm

ClueIN System from Lena Lighting gives us the ability to adapt the light to the current needs of the user while respecting energy efficiency. It will work in any facility, regardless of its size and function. No renovation or special cabling is required to adapt the system. With the ClueIN application it is possible to control from virtually any place on Earth with access to the network. The system analyzes the traffic in the rooms and adjusts the light to the presence of users within the functioning of the luminaires. ClueIn synchronizes with the time of year or day and the amount of natural light that enters the room, thus ensuring the desired amount of light without wasting electricity.

Human Centric Lighting is a concept about the development of technology that affects the well-being and performance of employees, making the most of the potential of daylight. It allows you to adjust the lighting to a given moment and create smooth lighting conditions resembling the natural daily cycle. The intensity and color temperature are appropriately selected, which, depending on the needs, can stimulate us to act or relax. The human biological clock interacts with light and spectral composition, so both our vigilance and the level of hormones and body temperature are to some extent dependent on light. Modern lighting systems use this knowledge and dependencies, and affect both performance and human mood and comfort.

ClueCity - intelligent city management system

The Internet of Things can also be used on a larger scale. The Clue City technology from Lena Lighting is a solution that combines a wireless remote system, consisting of control devices connecting to the Internet and technologically advanced lamps led lights. The unlimited capacity of the system allows you to manage lighting both in small squares and large urban agglomerations. Clue City also allows you to control and optimize lighting as well as monitor and secure data collection. The current state of the system is stored in the cloud and can be managed from anywhere in the world using the interface.

By modernizing lighting and installing road lamps with LED module operated by a wireless control system, cities and municipalities can save on electricity consumption and maintenance costs. Residents gain light high-performance that ensures better visibility and supports the safety of drivers and pedestrians. In the event of a failure (energy consumption, power failure, periodic inspection), the reaction time of the service staff is reduced to a minimum, as they are informed on an ongoing basis about the need for any intervention.

IoT makes it possible to provide an optimal lighting system not only in terms of safety, efficiency and comfort of users staying in the rooms, but also electricity savings, i.e. sustainable development and pro-ecological activities. This is a perfect example of how technology can help reduce your carbon footprint and protect the environment.

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