We joined the BIMobject platform

Lena Lighting has joined the BIMobject platform, which is a great place to expand the product portfolio and support architects and designers in their daily work. Creating virtual copies allows for wide access to the project at many stages of implementation and for obtaining the necessary information about it.

What is BIM?

BIM stands for Building Information Modeling. This technology has revolutionized the approach to digitizing the processes of creating objects and objects. It is not only a 3D model that reflects the technical and physical aspects of design, but also the possibility of insight into the project at all stages of creation.

Why is it worth investing?

Creating a transparent structure with up-to-date documentation, legal issues or strict guidelines saves time and costs. Anyone involved, even the investor, can interfere in the scheme, which translates into minimizing possible errors and making the work more dynamic. After the project is completed, we can still view the files that serve as a database about a given object or product.

Who was it designed for?

BIM technology works best among architects and designers, it leads to the automation of design processes. Contractors and investors also benefit greatly from it, they can add comments to the file on an ongoing basis and observe the progress in the development of works.


Lena Lighting bimobject screenshot

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