Ceiling lights as fashionable interior lighting

Instead of a classic lamp or a chandelier, it is worth deciding to decorate your interior with a plafond. This luminaire will be perfect for small and low rooms, it will optically enlarge them and give a cozy atmosphere. Thanks to the LED technology, the ceilings are energy-efficient, and the addition of a motion sensor will allow additional control over its stream or color of light.

Advantages of plafonds

We can distinguish several types of ceilings, they include to their ceiling and wall lamps. They are most often round in shape, although we can also distinguish square, convex or flat housings. These luminaires can be used as the main light source, both one- or two- or three-point lamps. It is also worth using them to illuminate specific zones. Wall-mounted lamps will be a great substitute for wall lamps and will emphasize the chosen decorative place.

It is possible to equip the lamps with a motion or twilight sensor, which will be remotely controlled by remote control. In this way, we will be able to easily not only turn the light on and off but also control its color and intensity.

Thanks to LED technology, ceilings are not only elegant lamps, emphasizing the character of the room, but also an energy-saving replacement for traditional light sources. They will contribute to reducing electricity bills and operating costs.

Where will the ceilings work?

Ceiling lights are perfect for low and small rooms where optimal use of space is key. Thanks to their shape, they transmit light better than hanging lamps. In addition, they create a characteristic glow and reflect light beams from the ceiling, thanks to which they perfectly illuminate the interior and optically enlarge it.

To this day, plafonds are eagerly used in public buildings, offices or gastronomic premises, in places with high humidity or exposed to mechanical damage . However, these lamps have also hit our flats and houses, and architects are also eager to use them. They will work in any room, you just need to remember to choose the right type of luminaires and the type of light source, depending on the function of a given space.

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  • Bedroom - the ceiling is perfect for an interior that serves as a lounge. Diffused, warm light, non-irritating to the eyes, will be the lighting that will be useful during relaxation.
  • Kitchen - plafonds scattered on the slats will work here, they will allow us to accurately illuminate the surface intended for cooking, you can also choose to illuminate a selected part of the kitchen, e.g. the worktop.
  • Living room - this is a space in which the interior arrangement comes to the fore, it must be emphasized by appropriate lighting; if the living room is decorated in a glamor style, it is worth trying plafonds with crystals, in the case of a loft interior, it is better to opt for minimalist, monochrome fixtures.
  • Bathroom - this room is also a relaxation zone, so ceilings will also work great here; you should only remember about their hermetic version, thanks to which they will be resistant to moisture.
  • Children's room - ceilings are a safe form of lighting, due to their construction, they are more difficult to damage or destroy.
  • Corridor - an elegant lamp will be perfect as a showpiece of the house, it will allow you to define the style in which it was decorated from the entrance.

Plafonds by Lena Lighting

Lena Lighting, as a Polish manufacturer of ceiling lamps, pays special attention to the quality of workmanship, functionality, and energy efficiency of its projects. The solidity and durability of materials are combined here with design and subtle elegance. These plafonds fit perfectly into any interior, and thanks to interchangeable rings, it is possible to match their colors to the style of the room in which they will be located. Lamps from the CAMEA series are very popular, and are distinguished by their unique design, and also constitute an integrated and energy-saving LED module. The line CAPELLA, which can create endless strings of lamps, is compatible with the smart home system.

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