Control system 1-10 vs DALI

Light is one of the key factors influencing the safety and comfort of work of employees. Lighting automation affects the well-being of employees and the quality of their tasks, as well as reduces electricity consumption and operating costs. Therefore, it is worth choosing a DALI system, which, compared to an analog interface, is versatile, connects to other systems, collects data on possible failures, is less sensitive to interference and has a better signal.

Lena Lighting control system

Differences between a DALI system and a 1-10 system

The L parameter specifies the minimum value of the luminous flux that will be maintained for a specific time of use . The example of L80B10 tells us that after the indicated time the LED will be 80% of its initial brightness. This lamp should be replaced when the luminous flux has dropped to this value.

The DALI system is used for specific types of luminaires, which make it possible to change the light intensity as well as the direction and angle of its emission. Here are some solutions to show how versatile DALI lighting is:

  • LED panels - the system will be used in places where the dimming option is used.
  • industrial lamps - the system will work even with high bay or High Bay lamps.
  • hermetic lamps - plugged into the DALI system inform about failures resulting from leakage of luminaires.
  • linear lighting - the system allows you to select individual luminaires in order to turn them on or off and adjust them, without the need to unfasten the line.
  • street lamps - the DALI control will work when activating the lighting depending on the time of day or year.
  • emergency lighting - the system can inform about failures within the luminaires, which will reduce the costs of their annual testing.

The DALI system enables quick failure identification and easy repair. It offers two-way communication - the network both receives the signal and sends it, informing about any faults within it. System 1-10 sends data only one way, it does not collect information about performance and errors, which could prevent a possible failure in the future.

Lena Lighting fixtures are available with ballast adapted to work with DALI lighting control systems, which is especially recommended for installation in office buildings, industrial halls or public facilities.

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