Intelligent LED lighting, or how does it work?

Intelligent LED lighting has become an inseparable element of automated apartments, offices and workplaces. It is not only a guarantee of high comfort, but also efficiency and energy efficiency compared to traditional light sources. Thanks to intelligent lighting, we reduce greenhouse gas emissions and counteract climate change. In addition, we can save on electricity bills and, due to a longer service life, also on their operating costs.

Lighting control right at hand

Intelligent light brings convenience and financial savings. It adapts to our lifestyle, weather conditions, time of day and year. The wireless function allows you to control the lighting from anywhere in the world. The transmitters enable the transfer of data from our control devices to the target luminaires. Among the popular control standards is infrared, with which we can control light within 5-10 meters. Added to this is the Bluetooth option, whose operation oscillates between 10-100 meters. WiFi, Z-Wave or ZigBee allow communication regardless of where we are. Control and connection are done using smartphones or tablets, through a special application.

Lena Lighting clue city app

What can intelligent LED lighting do?

  • change of temperature and light intensity depending on the time of day
  • possibility to choose one of the many lighting scenes intended, for example, for reading, relaxing, concentration
  • quick light check before leaving the house
  • deterring potential thieves when you are away
  • geolocation that allows you to react to the lighting when the owner returns, it can also inform about the approaching other household members
  • motion sensors to activate and deactivate the light
  • the ability to choose the color of the light emitted by the bulb
  • synchronize lighting with TV or computer, the light will react to events on the screen.

Installation of intelligent LED lighting

Preparing a house for the installation of sensors that will automate the space is not a complicated undertaking, nor is it particularly costly. Appropriate LED sources and a network bridge connected to the router are required. It is enough to screw in smart bulbs, install the appropriate application and synchronize the light sources with the controller. Such a system can be equipped with up to 50 carriers.

Clue City - intelligent street lighting management from Lena Lighting

Intelligent lighting also works on a larger scale. Clue City technology from Lena Lighting is a solution that combines a wireless remote system, consisting of control devices and technologically advanced lamps led lights. The unlimited capacity of the system allows you to manage lighting both in small squares and large urban agglomerations. Clue City also allows you to control and optimize equipment as well as monitor and secure data collection. In addition, the current state of the system is stored in the cloud and can be managed from anywhere in the world. All these factors contribute to lower maintenance costs of the entire infrastructure.

Smart lighting in our everyday life

Intelligent lighting also works well in industry. It allows you to send signals generating the inclusion of artificial light in the event of the disappearance of natural light. In addition, it enables remote operation of the luminaire system - changing the light intensity, extinguishing or switching on the appropriate sources depending on the current use of a given production space.

Lena Lighting control panel

Smart lighting in our everyday life

Intelligent lighting is not only a luxury gadget, but an effective and energy-saving light source. LED technology consumes much less energy, emits only visible light, works much longer than traditional light bulbs, and in combination with automatic control of heating or roller shutters, it completes the vision of a smart home. Thanks to this, the space can be adapted to the individual needs of the consumer. It can create ideal conditions for work, study or sleep. As a result, all these activities are much more effective. It also eliminates the stress of leaving your home alone for a long time or having to turn off all the lights before you go out.

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