Troffers LED - application and advantages

Good lighting is essential for a comfortable functioning after dark. Often it also applies to surfaces without access to natural light. It is about individual parts of the house and apartment, but also offices or a medical facility. Ceiling LED light boxes are an interesting solution in terms of energy efficiency and aesthetics.

Very often in offices and other institutions you can meet the so-called modular ceilings. They are made of square panels, most often made of polystyrene. These tiles are usually 60 x 60 cm (alternatively 30 x 30 cm). Troffers LED for the ceiling have similar dimensions, so in this case they are very easy to install. Thanks to this, you will gain not only time, but also aesthetics. The ceiling will look like a single-color checkerboard, with the individual fields shining. LED light boxes are also often used for plasterboard ceilings.

LED light boxes are often used as auxiliary or main light. They are an excellent alternative to the still popular raster fittings. The described products have a much more aesthetic design. They usually have a frosted plate on the outside, thanks to which the emitted light is even. These types of panels can produce a relatively large amount of light, so they are used not only in offices, but also in industry, laboratories and homes.

These products can be divided into two main categories - surface-mounted coffers and flush-mounted coffers. It is related to the fact that they protrude above the ceiling level. Flush-mounted models usually do not protrude at all. Of course, in the case of modular ceilings, it is possible to achieve a similar effect with surface-mounted cassettes, but with an ordinary plaster suspended ceiling it may not be possible. The Lena Lighting company has many coffers in its offer, so we cordially invite you to familiarize yourself with our range.

Surface-mounted coffers deserve special attention COMPACT LED EVO N IP65. These models have a very good color rendering index , as well as high luminous efficacy, thanks to which they are often used in industry, as well as medical and laboratory rooms. Due to its construction, it is easy to upgrade an old, energy-consuming lighting system to a new and economical one.

Flush-mounted coffers TRIPACT LED P are proposals that gain special recognition among aesthetes. They have an unusual, slightly folded appearance. The aforementioned design means that this model is often used for decorative purposes. However, it still has very good parameters, so it will be perfect for e.g. homes or offices.

All LED light boxes for the ceiling offered by our company do not tire the eyes, but provide full comfort during work, etc. This is due to the neutral color temperature , which is similar to daylight. Thanks to this, even situations requiring high concentration of eyesight are not associated with discomfort.

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