How to illuminate a staircase?

Stairs enable quick and comfortable movement between levels and carrying items that are too large for elevators of several people. In any case, the stairs should be well lit!
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Which staircase lamps to choose?

Lighting in the staircase is important because it significantly affects the safety of users. It is precisely on the stairs that accidents occur most often, which is why poorly selected lamps can contribute to them. These are extreme cases, but in any case good lighting of the staircase increases the comfort of moving through it. It should be noted, however, that its (lighting) design may vary depending on the nature of the building. Other solutions are used when it comes to a single-family house, block or office building.

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At the very beginning, it is worth considering what type of lamps will work best. Nowadays, there is no better proposition than LED technology. These types of light bulbs shine strongly without consuming a lot of energy, and their lifespan significantly exceeds the competition.

The location of individual light fittings is also very important. Of course, in apartment blocks and office buildings, you can only use strong ceiling lights, because they are the most comfortable. In the case of a single-family house, however, you can afford more interesting solutions.

First of all, it is worth focusing on the ranks themselves. These can be easily illuminated using light bulbs mounted low in the wall - preferably a dozen or so centimeters from the individual steps. This kind of spot lighting in the staircase should be at equal intervals, but the most important places requiring light are the moments of joining with landings, floors, and also bends.

A similar solution is to use LED strips that will be placed under the steps.

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Why are such solutions popular?

When you go down the stairs at night, for example, to go to the toilet or go out on the terrace, nobody wants to be exposed to a strong ceiling light, which will most likely cause slight blindness for a short moment. It's good to have a motion sensor that will turn on these lamps when someone is moving up the stairs. This is especially important in homes where the elderly and children are traveling. It is also impossible to forget about such situations as, for example, carrying something in with both hands. This situation makes it very difficult to press the light switch on your own, meanwhile, the motion sensor will do it on its own.

Staircase in blocks of course may also have such lighting, but it is not necessary. Most of these places, both in apartment blocks and office buildings, have motion sensors to turn on the ceiling light bulbs. It happens that the light is turned on most of the time at night, which is why it is so important to use the previously mentioned LED lamps. These allow you to significantly reduce your electricity bills, and at the same time, they can glow continuously for up to several years.

It is recognized that hanging lamps should be avoided in stairwells.


When carrying larger packages (e.g. refrigerators, wardrobes), the bulb could break accidentally. The light intensity should also be quite high, otherwise the comfort of using the cage will be lower, especially for people with eyesight problems or during renovation works.

Buying certain products is the best solution, because such lamps and fittings will easily survive many years of use. Due to the fact that energy efficiency is particularly important in recent times, it is recommended to use LED lamps. We invite you to familiarize yourself with our offer, we have a wide range, which is often appreciated by both private clients and large enterprises.

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