Trouble with absenteeism at work due to infection? Proper prevention, including UV-C technology, may be the solution.

The pandemic has significantly contributed to employee absenteeism. There is also no shortage of other infections during the so-called "flu season". The scale of people's absence from work is currently very high. For many companies this is becoming a huge problem and not only hinders but sometimes paralyses the functioning of the company.

Employers therefore face additional challenges and need to implement new procedures and solutions. Sanitary regime, availability of disinfectants, changing the work model and educational campaigns have become popular methods. However, in practice they are not sufficient, and some of them turn out to be only pretend actions.

There is therefore an increasing focus on protecting the health of employees. Many companies have already realised that the more effort they put into prevention, the greater the chance of better attendance at work. Employers are therefore investing in medical packages and effective solutions to block the spread of disease within the company.

This is where UV-C technology, one of the most effective disinfection methods, comes in. STERILON UV-C lamps for air and surface disinfection provide effective protection by eliminating all viruses, bacteria, and fungi from the environment. By using these devices in your company, you can be sure of effective disinfection. The air is free of pathogens, which is essential for protecting the health of your employees.

The choice of equipment is extremely wide. They can be adapted to the nature of the business, the space, or the working mode. From the designer UV-C STERILON FLOW flow-through luminaires for offices to those for large areas, such as UV-C STERILON MAX. There are many convenient options here. You can choose between free-standing and dual-function devices, as well as combining classic lighting with simultaneous disinfection.

One thing is certain. Disinfection lamps based on UV-C technology are one of the effective solutions for employers who want to prevent the spread of infections in the company.

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