UV-C luminaires - an effective weapon against all bacteria and viruses

UV-C technology is one of the most effective methods of disinfection. Lamps using UV-C light (e.g. UV-C STERILON) became very popular during the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic. Their effectiveness in disinfection has contributed to their versatile use. They are used not only in medical institutions, public facilities, commercial or service areas but also in manufacturing companies, office buildings, and even private homes.

UV-C technology, which has been used for many years, is very widely used in the context of surface and air disinfection. According to research, ultraviolet light destroys or deactivates all viruses, bacteria, mould spores and fungi. Damaging DNA and RNA chains leads to their disintegration. After UV-C irradiation, the DNA of microorganisms can no longer replicate.

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Ultraviolet light is also effective against biological weapons threats that use biological warfare agents. These include pathogenic bacteria, viruses, fungi and other living organisms.

In such a threat, UV-C technology is extremely helpful.
It allows for quick disinfection and can significantly support the process of removing the biological agent from the premises, which is one of the key issues in the defense procedure. The most dangerous pathogens are characterized by high virulence and mortality, and they spread extremely quickly between people. The immediate elimination of pathogens significantly reduces the possibility of causing panic and serious social consequences. Rapid disinfection technology using UV-C lamps is invaluable in such cases.

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