HORECA facilities

Hotel Ambasada

HORECA facilities combine not only a hotel with a reception, lobby, conference rooms, but also a restaurant. In each of these places, we used lighting, which made it possible to expose each room an...

Hotel / Restaurant Słoneczna

In the hotel in Jarocin, we comprehensively illuminated the entire facility. In the banquet hall, we used the fixtures with changing light colors (RGB). The first dance or planned celebration in th...

Hotel Korel

HORECA facilities are hotels and restaurants, where lighting is an accompanying decor, as well as influencing the atmosphere of a given room. We have used different lighting in the lobby, reception...

Hotel Metropol

Facade lighting is also a sector in which we specialise and we could prove it during the implementation of lighting decoration in the METROPOL Hotel in Śrem. The façade of the building and its su...

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