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UV-C STERILON FLOW luminaires increase the safety of patients and medical staff.

The Heart of Jesus Hospital in Środa Wielkopolska uses UV-C light to fight viruses and bacteria. It is currently testing UV-C STERILON FLOW luminaires donated by Lena Lighting S.A. – the company based in Środa Wielkopolska

The great advantage of UV-C flow luminaires is the fact that they can remain on and actively disinfect the air in occupied rooms – wherever there is a risk of contamination with harmful microorganisms. They are used, among others in administration, educational and service-providing facilities, shops and private homes. Their use, however, is particularly desirable in healthcare facilities, including hospitals, where they should be used as standard equipment. The advantages of using UV-C flow luminaires have been pinpointed by Paweł Dopiera, the President of the Heart of Jesus Hospital in Środa Wielkopolska:

“We use UV-C flow luminaires particularly in isolation rooms and in the Intensive Care Unit. Thanks to their use, we reduce the risk of bacteria or viruses getting outside of isolated rooms. As a result, we minimise the risk of hospital-acquired infections. The luminaires give a sense of security and positively affect the efficiency of staff – we can work without interruption while the room is being cleaned. The luminaires can work round the clock without causing any side effects.”

The Heart of Jesus Hospital in Środa Wielkopolska does not only use the luminaires for fighting the coronavirus, but also for fighting the pneumococci, meningococci and all other bacteria or viruses that float in the air.

STERILON FLOW UV-C luminaires are an effective weapon against these microorganisms and will remain an important element of hospital equipment, also after the Covid-19 pandemic.

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