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We have completed lighting modernisation for Nahverkehr Schwerin – a communication company in Germany

The lighting modernisation for Nahverkehr Schwerin GMBH, which we have just completed, included modernisation of exterior and interior lighting. The company’s transport infrastructure includes nearly 200 kilometres of tram and bus lines and over 350 stops. The company works around the clock and employees must be provided with the best possible lighting. They bear huge responsibility for passengers. Thus, the choice of outdoor luminaires and adjusting the appropriate lighting to the conditions outside was very important from the point of view of safety and work comfort. So we used our TIARA LED luminaires, which fit perfectly into the landscape architecture, but most of all, thanks to specially adapted optics, ensure optimal lighting conditions.

In addition to outdoor lighting, we also dealt with indoor lighting. Here we have chosen our TYTAN LED and TYTAN MULTI LED luminaires, which are known for their extremely high parameters and the ability to adapt to specific needs.

The TYTAN LED family of luminaires is characterised by its versatility enabled by individually selected parameters and functions.

TYTAN MULTI LED in turn, is a version that allows for individual configuration – a multifunctional luminaire enabling the selection of light intensity for various applications. Thanks to the built-in microswitch it is possible to choose one of four available settings (power [W] and luminous flux [lm]). So it can be used in different rooms with only settings changed. (Available options can be seen here: 4 luminaires = 16 levels of power and luminous flux).

As a result, all rooms in Nahverkehr Schwerin GmbH have been professionally lit, providing the maximum amount of light needed for the proper functioning of the depot, and adorning it with the appealing appearance of the luminaires.

In Nahverkehr Schwerin GmbH we have installed:
48 pcs of TIARA LED
28 pcs of TYTAN LED

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