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The mayor of Środa Wielkopolska recommends the Clue City system

CLUE CITY Smart Street Lighting Management System is an advanced technological solution that combines a wireless remote street lighting management system with Lena Lighting LED road luminaires.

In June, the CLUE CITY system was implemented in Środa Wielkopolska, where it works perfectly. 170 modern, wirelessly controlled TIARA LED luminaires have appeared on the city streets The world-class technology provided by our company has changed the town’s landscape and brought significant savings to the town’s budget by significantly reducing electricity consumption. As a result, the light is now delivered in optimal amount, only when it is needed.

Modern, smart LED lighting is an environmentally friendly solution that generates significant savings and provides a completely new visual quality.

Detailed information on the CLUE CITY system and the benefits it offers can be found on a dedicated website: lenalighting.com/cluecity-en

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