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We have produced a limited series of UV-C STERILON FLOW luminaires for the GOCC. The auction is starting now!

The Lena Lighting team plays for the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity. 10 designer UV-C STERILON FLOW luminaires with the red heart have just left our production line and have been put up for auction for the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity. We have also organised a fundraising event for the Orchestra at our seat.

In addition to the classic collection to the can, we decided to support the campaign by producing a special series of UV-C STERILON FLOW luminaires, marked with the GOCC logo. A limited collection of 10 luminaires has already been auctioned, and the proceeds from the auction will be credited to the account of the 29th Final of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity.

You are very welcome to take part in the auction
The double-function STERILON FLOW UV-C luminaires are definitely up-to-date products. They eliminate viruses, bacteria and mould from the air and surfaces by using ultraviolet (UV-C) rays. The air passes through luminaire interior, where it is exposed to the light and disinfected, and then goes outside. The UV-C STERILON FLOW luminaires can work in the presence of people.
They will prove perfect in all service outlets, offices and homes. Their effectiveness has been confirmed by independent studies.

The luminaire was designed by Kuba Zarzyński and Przemek Pstrokoński from the HEKATE DESIGN studio and won the “Design dla Konesera 2020” competition in the home technologies category.

More information about the UV-C STERILON FLOW luminaire: uvc.lenalighting.pl/en/

Link to the research studies

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