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Expo Adjust – a loft luminaire

Our new proposal is a combination of energy-saving technology with high luminous efficiency, which we have closed in a small structure with a minimalist design.
Expo Adjust is an ideal proposition for those who want to emphasise the elements of the arrangement in a truly scenic style. Referring to fashionable lofts, Expo Adjust will be perfect for all modern commercial spaces and tasteful apartments.

The designer of the luminaire focused not only on a small structure with great possibilities, but also gave the luminaire an expressive, loft style.

“I have designed Expo Adjust with modern commercial interiors in mind, where it is important to emphasise the characteristics of equipment and displays, and create spatial atmosphere through light. I wanted a subtly expressive structure and a compact form that would accommodate technological features ensuring great lighting possibilities. I thought it could resemble stage lighting a bit. Thanks to the cooperation with engineers from Lena Lighting, it was possible to achieve small size, in relation to significant lighting possibilities, and at the same time ensure high energy efficiency. However, I wanted the luminaire, in addition to its very good parameters and small dimensions, to be a complementary item for representative and boldly designed architectural interiors – hence the masking net finishing of the smooth luminaire body, resembling net solutions popular in fancy loft-design arrangements I also focused on comprehensiveness. Expo Adjust will work well in restaurants, hotels, store spaces, as well as at exhibition stands."

Jakub Zarzyński


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