Delightful “Zakątek Malucha” with our luminaires

The English-speaking nursery in Łochowo is a perfect example of a modern children-friendly space. The interiors of “Zakątek Malucha” delight with unique lighting arrangements created with the use of our products.

Energy-saving luminaires, used throughout the building have been arranged in an extremely spectacular way. In addition to proper lighting of the space, light plays an important role in creating the atmosphere and is one of key elements aligning the building with its expected purpose.

The project was implemented with environmentally friendly solutions taken into account. Most of the highly energy-saving luminaires are equipped with DALI power supplies, which allow to control the light intensity depending on the needs. The result of this are significant savings in electricity consumption.

The implementation included the use of the ELEGANTE LED SYSTEM and luminaires from the BARIS LED, RQ LED and PLANO LED lines.

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