Industry Slim LED – energooszczędność i znakomite parametry w kompaktowej oprawie
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Industry Slim LED - energy efficiency and excellent performance in a compact luminaire

Industry Slim LED is our brand new proposal for the industry.

This compact luminaire featuring an innovative, lightweight design combines all the features of modern lighting. It is distinguished by: high energy efficiency, excellent parameters, easy installation and small size. Moreover, the luminaire has an interesting, modern design.

Industry Slim LED is characterised by a high luminous flux value (up to 9000 lm) and luminous efficiency (over 160 lm/W). The luminaire’s design features many innovative solutions, which make it a very tight (IP66) construction. We have achieved this effect, among others with a silicone, durable gasket that combines the polycarbonate diffuser with the housing. We also installed a breathing gland with a diaphragm to prevent condensation. Such a solution will be especially appreciated by users of industrial spaces, where frequent temperature fluctuations occur.

Tightening the cable gland results in tightening of the gasket, which prevents the ingress of dust and moisture. Untightening it unseals the luminaire and allows you to remove the end-cap. After removing it, the installer will be able to easily access the board with the connection cube and the driver.  After connecting the power supply, it is enough to tighten the cable gland and the luminaire is tight again thanks to the self-sealing end-cap.

Industry Slim LED has a durable body made of aluminium (impact resistance IK09). The luminaire is light, which makes its installation very convenient and does not burden the structure of the building. It can be connected in lines.

The luminaire is available in many variants adapted to different purposes and nature of objects. We offer Industry Slim Led with a variety of optics and five types of diffusers.

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