Dwa Red Dot’y dla naszych produktów

Two Red Dot awards go to our products

We celebrate a great success. Our products have received two Red Dot awards. The “Design Oscars” have been awarded to our luminaires: Sizzano and UV-C Sterilon Flow Premium. The Red Dot Design Award is the most important award in the world of design – it is a symbol of belonging to the group of design leaders.

We are very proud of this success. Receiving two Red Dot awards proves that the way we think about design is appreciated by experts. We would like to thank the Red Dot Design Award jury for noticing our attitude and for awarding our products. Both awarded projects were created by Jakub Zarzyński – a young, talented artist from Poznań, whom we closely cooperate with.

At Lena Lighting, we have adopted the ambitious strategy of combining highly energy-saving technology with top-shelf design. We cooperate with recognized and talented designers, who are committed to the development of our design department and investing in the latest technologies. We know that LED lighting brings great benefits to the world in the form of savings in electricity consumption, and that people want to surround themselves with beautiful and functional objects. With this in mind, we decided to create luminaires that combine these two values. Our current development directions include advanced LED technology, intelligent lighting management systems and extraordinary design.


The Sizzano line designed by Jakub Zarzyński is a modern luminaire with an element of classicism. The result of this combination is an interesting form that reflects the fresh and innovative approach of the designer.

The luminaire was created with modern interiors in mind. It can act as general lighting, as well as provide ambient light, creating a mood in the room. The diffusor, which is delicate in visual perception, and at the same time very durable and impact-resistant, is the basic decorative element of this lamp. Wrapped in a collar, it looks elegant and gives the interior prestige. The soft light that the luminaire emits is evenly distributed and eye-friendly. It does not cause glare.

Sizzano comes in two sizes. In the larger one it reaches an impressive 970 mm in diameter. It is available in various color variants that allow you to reflect the individual style of the space, emphasize the personality of users and inspire to create unique lighting arrangements. The designer also envisaged versions of the lamp with DALI control, regulating the intensity of the light. The Sizzano line is energy-saving and environmentally friendly.

UV-C Sterilon Flow 72W

Thanks to the use of UV-C light, the product eliminates viruses, bacteria and mould from the air. The disinfection process takes place inside the device, which means that the product’s operation is safe in the presence of people. Here, functionality and technology have been combined with a well-thought-out, refined and aesthetic form.

UV-C Sterilon Flow Premium is a project reflecting the idea of synthesising new technologies and functionality with a classic form and gentle, timeless aesthetics. It is the result of combining many years of experience of Lena Lighting experts with the fresh look of young designers - Jakub Zarzyński and Przemysław Pstrokoński. It is a device that responds to the changing world – a new life and health situation with an increased need to ensure safety.

A simple form and a minimalist body make it an elegant piece of furniture and a coherent piece of equipment. The final shape of the product was inspired by light and air, associated with lightness. The result is a mature, subtle design that provides the user with a sense of comfort and inner peace.

The device will look good both in a hospital room and in modern architectural spaces.

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