Lena Lighting mecenasem poznańskiego SARP-u

Night&Light Golf Tournament

On the occasion of the International Day of Light, we invited leading architects, designers and investors to participate in a night golf tournament. The meeting took place at the Rosa Private Golf Club – the most beautiful golf course in Poland. The original formula of the meeting turned out to be a perfect excuse to talk about the future of lighting in the context of sustainable design.

Artificial light is an indispensable part of our reality. Having environmental challenges in mind, it becomes necessary to verify the current approach to lighting and to use technologies that will not only meet the current needs of users, but will also take into account the ecological aspects. The International Day of Light, celebrated on May 16, has become an opportunity for us to engage in important discussions on the challenges that architects, investors and lighting designers are facing.

We wanted an original formula of the event – which would strongly emphasize the importance of light. We are convinced that the night golf tournament will make our guests remember about the importance of lighting for a long time.

The participants of the meeting included architects and investors from Poland, the Czech Republic and England. The substantive part featured Lena Lighting’s special guest – Dorota Koziara – a world-famous designer who is currently working on an original collection of LED luminaries for our brand. In the inspiring conversation about the functions of light, the designer was accompanied by Jacek Adamczewski, Sales Director of Lena Lighting, who presented global trends and the possibilities of the most modern, intelligent lighting management systems.

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