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We have accomplished the next stage of expanding our production plant

Lena Lighting is developing dynamically. Recently, we have expanded our plant with a new production hall and an office building. We have also purchased the most modern SMT line and enlarged our Research Centre.

The new hall with an area of 1,200 m2 has increased our production capacity significantly and allowed us to create additional jobs. In addition to increasing the area of our plant, we have also invested in machinery.  Our new, innovative SMT production line is capable of placing 80,000 components within an hour and applying non-standard elements: glued or soldered. This way, we have significantly accelerated production processes of LED luminaires and at the same time increased the comfort of work.

We have also gained a new office space, designed with the comfort of our employees in mind. The building with an area of 400 m2 has been equipped with, among others, lighting based on Human Centric Lighting technology, which adjusts the intensity and colour of the light beam to the users’ circadian rhythm. Thus, it positively affects the well-being and creates optimal conditions for work at any time of the day.

The development of infrastructure has also included our Research Centre. Recently, we have launched a new part of the laboratory with an area of 70 m2, where our products are tested. It is at our Research Centre where we test luminous flux, impact resistance, ingress of moisture and dust, as well as the so-called glow wire test of our luminaires, which helps determine the temperatures at which individual luminaires can operate.

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