New MyLead office with lighting from Lena Lighting

The office premises of the owner of affiliate network MyLead from Poznań were arranged in a fashionable loft style. For their lighting, our highly energy-efficient fixtures from the Baris LED and Snake LED series were chosen. The parameters of the fixtures were matched to the character of the space. Smart solutions were also used to control the light.

Lighting in company premises must fulfill many functions. First and foremost, it is intended to provide optimal visibility, adapted to the type of work performed, and guarantee the comfort of being in artificial light. In addition to the practical side, light is also an important element of image building and atmosphere.

Our lighting systems designed for office spaces were used to illuminate MyLead's atmospheric office. Highly energy-efficient lamps from the Baris LED and Snake LED series were selected. These fixtures minimize the effect of glare, ensuring work in eye-comfortable conditions.  In addition, their luminous flux has been reduced to match its value to the arrangement of workstations and to avoid overexposure. 

Some of the luminaires used have been mounted on two circuits, allowing independent on/off switching of the up-down option.  Selected lamps have smart options to synchronize light intensity with current needs and preferences.

All the luminaires installed in MyLead offices were manufactured using energy-saving LED module technology. As a result, they combine very good light performance values with electricity consumption savings.

The interior design was carried out by the INTO - Dawid Szczepanski design studio. Lighting, on the other hand, was prepared by the Lena Lighting design office in cooperation with the architect.

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