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compact led n
COMPACT LED is a family of coffer fittings with a wide range of power, types of optical components / diffusers and ways of mounting. COMPACT LED P version of the fitting, intended for mounting in 600 x 600 modular ceilings, was introduced several months ago and it received the investors and producers’ recognition. This month the offer has been enriched with the version COMPACT LED N for surface mounting.

Apart from an elegant design, it was high efficiency (energy saving class A+) ensuring a very low energy consumption and minimum 50% savings, that made the fitting succesful in the market and it was the reason why the fitting received the investors’ recognition. The energy saving is the result of over twenty-year experience of Lena Lighting engineers in designing professional lighting solutions based on LED diodes and on using LED GO! panels equipped with the latest components / technologies ensuring a long-term and failure-free operation of COMPACT LED fitting, available power versions 32, 36, 50W, maximum luminous flux 5700 lumens.

Even the lowest power – 32W , ensures the same ammount of light as traditional fluorescent fittings used in coffer ceilings with the power of 4 x 18W. Using COMPACT LED 32W fitting instead of fluorescent fitting 4 x 18W causes 40W less power consumption. It allows to save more or less 40 zl a year for one fitting installed in the office at the average fitting operation time of 2000 hours a year. Integrated, long lasting (50 000 hours) light source of LED GO! panel also eliminates the cost of purchasing and replacing the fluorescent fittings.

Soft light emitted by the fitting combined with low glare effect (UGR<19) ,ensured due to using special dispersing diffusers (opal or prismatic), enables high comfort of work in lightened rooms. Two light colours available: white – 4000K and warm – 3000K, and the colour rendering index CRI > 80 guarantees meeting the present lighting standards.

Simple and fast assembly is a great advantage of the fittings. In the case of the version for modular ceiling the weight is only 1,9 kg and 2,3 kg in the case of the version for surface mounting. It allows to reduce the number of suspension kits and it enables a simple and tool-free assembly by one person – which makes the process of putting the building into operation significantly faster and cheaper.

  • Energy saving class A+
  • Low weight of the fitting – only 1,9 kg
  • No glare effect (UGR<19)
  • High luminous flux
  • Fast and simple assembly
  • Even light distribution
  • Mounting safety device for modular ceiling (available option)

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