We support Nursing Homes in Poznań

Wspieramy Domy Pomocy Społecznej

Our UV-C STERILON AIR luminaires, which eliminate viruses, mould and bacteria from the air, have just been delivered to the Department of Health and Social Affairs at the Town Hall in Poznań, from where they will be sent to Nursing Homes located at Bukowska, Niedziałkowskiego, Konarskiego and Ugory streets.

The UV-C technology is one of the most effective methods of disinfection. Thanks to the unique design of the luminaires, disinfection with UV-C rays occurs inside the device, which enables its safe operation in the presence of people. The air is sucked in from the environment, disinfected inside the luminaire, and then as pathogen-free air returned to circulation, minimising the risk of infection. It is an invaluable solution wherever sterility and air purity are required.

We wanted our STERILON UV-C luminaires to serve people in nursing homes who need special support during the pandemic. With the support of the Town Hall in Poznań, we have managed to promptly coordinate the action, which we are very happy about.

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