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The adaptation of the Warsaw Archdiocese ‘s buildings on 1 Dziekana Street for the Archidiocesan Museum purposes started in 2011. In 2015, the Museum’s collections were finally moved there from the former place. The present building is modern with facilities for disabled people. On the three-floor total surface of 1500 m 2, the museum gathers the pieces of religious and secular art.

Today, the collection is composed of more or less 20 000 exhibits including painting, drawings, graphics,the goldsmith’s craft and sculptures, old components of church decorations, canonical dresses and dishes, medals, gorgets, furniture, floor clocks and others. These pieces of art are the gifts from the parish, assemblies, priests and lay people. Majority of them was obtained after the war, however some exhibits from the pre-war collection of the museum were also succesfully regained.

Lena Lighting S.A. was invited to take care of the lighting in the new building of the museum and the company offered professional equipment to lighten exhibition, office and technical rooms. The design took the characteristics of the object and the requirements of the Conservationist in Warsaw into consideration. The design’s aim was to use energy-saving LED technology.

At present, the lighting in our museum is the element emphasizing the virtues of our collections, paying attention to the details, and it is also an inspiration for Diocesan Museums’ directors visiting our institution, who are interested in modernization of their buildings.

Andrzej Zawiślak
Head of Museum Administration

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