SQ 300 LED – small luminaire with great possibilities

Corridors and passageways are often underfinanced and underestimated in the visual aspect. And this is where most people pass, not only those working or living in the facility, but also guests. Therefore, it is worth paying attention to their decor, functionality and of course lighting. If we make every effort to design this element of space properly, it will not only fulfil its role (safety and ergonomics), but will also maintain the organisation’s good image. This also applies to real estates. Staircases in multi-family housing should have an aesthetically pleasing appearance, and the luminaires installed there should provide light only when it is needed.

With functionality and aesthetics in mind, we have introduced to our offer a new line of square bulkhead luminaires. Their compact dimensions of 300/300/58 [mm] and low weight allow them to be mounted in any passageway or publicly accessible public space, regardless of its size or construction. This luminaire is distinguished by energy efficiency and high luminous flux, allowing a relatively large area to be illuminated by a small number of luminaires. With a specially designed lens system, it will provide the interior with uniform light of 3000K or 4000K. The standard offer includes luminaires available in two colours – white and black, but we can provide other colours on request.

The luminaire’s great advantage is its ease of mounting and service. Due to the low weight and the diffuser’s click-in system, the mounting of the luminaire is be carried out quickly, efficiently and tool-free.

As passageways are often internal rooms in buildings, devoid of daylight, they are areas where artificial light is used for the longest time. Therefore, the use of energy-saving solutions and lighting control systems will be very important here.

The SQ 300 LED luminaire is available in versions with the RCR motion sensor and DIMM DALI control. With these solutions you will save energy and extend the lifespan of the luminaire, whose service life in the standard version without control can reach up to 120,000h.

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