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Energy efficiency is not just a slogan associated with ecology and environmental protection, but primarily real financial advantages for investors. In addition to implementation of new investment projects based on energy-efficient products, Lena Lighting S.A. very often gets involved in projects consisting in replacement of old generation lighting with new LED lighting, making it possible to save even up to 70% of energy – with positive effects for the environment and the investor’s finances.

Lately, Lena Lighting has undertaken installation and upgrading of lighting in two Fire Service stations, i.e. in the District Fire Service Headquarters of the National Fire Service in Żnin and in the Municipal Fire Service Headquarters of the National Fire Service in Lublin. Despite that, in the first case, it was a new investment project, and an upgrade in the second one, the aim of the project in both institutions was coincident: to get good quality lighting with significant energy savings.

The choice of lighting supplier was not easy for either of the investors. In publicly funded fire stations, special emphasis is put on cost optimisation, pre-implementation, and post-implementation service as well as ergonomics. That is why an important factor in choosing a supplier was both price of luminaires and their quality as well as the ability to get technical support. Also, a very important factor of the choice was Polish origin of products, their availability, and extensiveness of assortment.

“The lighting was installed in accordance with a project prepared by Lena Lighting. Its quality is very satisfactory and the lamps themselves are fitting in the interior very aesthetically. I can already conclude that we have achieved the basic aim of the investment project – compared to a project based on fluorescent lamp products, we have achieved significant energy savings and, in turn, a noticeable reduction in costs associated with operation and service. At each stage of the investment project, we could count on active support of the supplier of lighting, i.e. Lena Lighting, which is also an important factor in evaluation of our satisfaction on completion of the entire project”.
said Hubert Kurowski of the District Fire Service Headquarters of the National Fire Service in Żnin.

The implementation of upgrading in the Headquarters in Lublin has been conducted in a similar manner. The final result has also “met” the aim of the investment project there. Considerable savings in energy consumption were obtained, operating costs were reduced and, at the same time, the installed lighting met the required standards and was aesthetic. Also, in this case, Lena Lighting has received positive letters of reference taking into account satisfaction with preparation of design documentation, timely delivery as well as exemplary contact with the investor and the contractor.

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