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The Light + Building 2018 trade fair has now ended, but the business contacts, established relationships and good memories will remain with us for a long time and will also translate into good future cooperation and the satisfaction of our customers.

This year, we focused on the atmosphere of the business talks. It was important for us to ensure that all guests visiting our stand were able to conduct their talks in a cozy space, without being distracted by crowds of visitors passing by. As many of our guests noticed, our exhibition stand created the impression of an "atmospheric club", providing the opportunity to relax, drink excellent coffee, and taste the famous St. Martin’s croissants, regional pastries and cocktails served by the Master Bartender Adam Hołoga.
The pleasant interior and the appropriate atmosphere were guaranteed by adequate lighting. Our guests were especially interested in the new products presented at our stand - lighting luminaires from the PIATTO LED family. The exhibition of the luminaires in their "intended location" and the realistic arrangement allowed the visitors to visualize the final effect that can be expected in the planned interiors.
On the photographs depicting Lena Lighting's realizations, located on the walls of the exhibition stand, the guests could see how the lighting luminaires positively highlight the qualities of the premises and enhance their functionality. These photographs were illuminated using the EXPO SYSTEM LED - high quality aluminum projectors with a COB LED light source. We present these and other new items on the www.lenalighting.pl website, where you can also watch short films presenting our products and their application.

For us the Light + Building 2018 trade fair was an opportunity to pursue our passion of "sharing" light with others, but also to make new contacts, exchange experiences and to spend time in a great atmosphere.

We would like to thank everyone who honored us by visiting our stand. Thank you for your valuable comments and for presenting your expectations. They will provide us with inspiration for further work on the development and improvement of our products.

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