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Smart home, smart office, smart production control systems. Development of technology forces us to follow the latest trends and look to the future. And the future will be characterised by high level of automation of any processes, systems and services. Lighting constitutes one of the areas which must cooperate with the latest control systems. Taking into account the conditions which are and will be imposed on the lighting solutions, design engineers from the Lena Lighting Development Department have created a lamp which can perform the most sophisticated functions.
  • Voice control,
  • adjusting the light colour to human circadian rhythm,
  • programming the light scenes,
  • camera function,
  • wireless communication with other lamps,
  • measurement of humidity, temperature and pressure in rooms
and many other options are offered by the revolutionary CAPELLA LED product family.

From the very beginning of its existence, CAPELLA LED is introduced to the market by Lena Lighting S.A. in many functional and design versions.
A number of variants and functionalities of this lamp indicates diversity of its applications - from passageways, lobbies, open spaces to restaurants, receptions, hotels, gyms, offices, sales points, apartments and mansions.

The basic version of CAPELLA LED meets the requirements of energy efficiency class A+. Its energy efficiency will be improved by the version with a RCR motion sensor, which leads to a more efficient use of light, and passive infra-red (PIR) presence detector which allows us to precisely control the lighting. Both these functions significantly influence power saving and increase the LED panels life.

More complex versions of CAPELLA LED lamps can control the light by means of the RCR Master Slave, Dali and Corridor functions. As a result, light is used only at the time and in the place where it is needed. For example, the Corridor function provides you with the opportunity to accurately programme a group of lamps. Standard lamps give gentle light (e.g. 10% of the luminous flux) providing the user with a sense of safety and illuminating the surface with minimal luminous flux, allowing finding the passageways and elements of the surroundings. Following motion detection, the luminaires will turn on successively in line with the direction of motion of the object whose location has been identified (up to 100% of the luminous flux). The luminous flux gets smoothly reduced by 90% after 30 seconds following the end of movement, that is the luminaire will only emit 10% of its nominal capacity until the next movement is detected. Both time and degree of dimming can be adjusted according to customer’s needs. Such solution saves up to 80% of energy. CAPELLA LED with the Tunable White function is a more advanced solution which allows to optimise light colour by adjusting it to the natural human circadian rhythm and reflecting the natural light. Tunnable White can be also adjusted to your current needs and activities your perform, regardless of the time of day. CAPELLA LED with the Tunable White function can be used in all places where people are present, for example it improves effectiveness when working in an office, creates an appropriate environment for discussions and meetings in conference halls, maintains high levels of productivity, 24 hours a day, in production halls, improves overall efficiency and effectiveness of activities in rehabilitation rooms and gyms and ensures the appropriate level of discretion and calmness in Healthcare facilities. Moreover, this function allows you to expose products and emphasises their colour in shops as well as improve the level of artistic experiences in museums.

CAPELLA LED can be also equipped with a dusk sensor and a function allowing to maintain constant light intensity. When it is getting dark outside, the lamp, by increasing the intensity of light, maintains the same preprogrammed level of light intensity. Ecology, energy saving, comfort of work and staying in a room constitute a benefit which is passed on to the room user.

Safety is the next aspect considered by engineers of Lena Lighting while designing the new product. Capella Led can be equipped with a wireless camera. It will capture the images from, for example, high risk places such as staircases and building entries or protect our property against theft. By means of Wi-Fi, it transmits the data to archives or direct control conducted by security staff.

Emergency module, which can be installed on the CAPELLA LED lamp, provides you with light in the case of voltage loss and ensures complying with safety standards. Anti-vandal protection, that is a feature which prevents from disassembly of the lamp without using appropriate tools as well as from acts of vandalism and theft and, as a result, from leading to situations which could be dangerous for users. Furthermore, CAPELLA LED can be characterised by very high IP65 tightness, and thus can be used in conditions with high dust and moisture levels. The CAPELLA LED luminaire has almost unlimited possibilities if we concern the newest solutions used not only in the area of lighting. Thanks to compatibility with drivers/controllers of such brands like Hytronic or Casambi, the lamps can be combined to form groups, you can create light scenes, then join the scenes into animation, programme light intensity and colour, control using your voice, optimise energy consumption and adjust the lighting on the basis of your previous observations and measurements of parameters. CAPELLA LED can have a Bluetooth speaker and function as a Wi-Fi amplifier. Integration with other systems, e.g. smart home of office equipped with appropriate drivers, allows you to measure the temperature, pressure, humidity and, depending of these values, to take further actions. Controlling and programming can be performed manually or remotely using the application or Internet.

Designers of the CAPELLA LED lamp predicted solutions which are currently not available on the market and which are at the stage of designing. The design allows you to integrate it with the drivers of various suppliers and adjust them to future technological solutions.

The CAPELLA LED family includes ceiling sconces of unusual shape, with or without: a box, ring and possibility of lighting only around its circumference. The family is completed by a suspended lamp and a sconce. Available versions: CAPELLA LED, CAPELLA LED PLUS, CAPELLA LED PLUS IoT, CAPELLA LED PLUS Z.

Thanks to the possibility of controlling it, equipping its luminaires with devices which are components of other systems as well as a very wide range of design, this luminaire provides unlimited options for designers and architects. Capella Led is an ideal choice even for the most demanding and representative investments.

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