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en2Designing bulkhead luminaires may seem a relatively simple task. They are products of a simple structure, whose design has remained unchanged for years.

However, the DIONE LED investment bulkhead luminaires have changed the aforementioned view due to a completely new look at this product category.

The offer has been enhanced with the innovative DIONE LED PLUS ASYMMETRIC luminaire, which complements the already present and recognised DIONE LED family.

It has the same functionalities, non-obvious for bulkhead luminaires, which are characterised by the whole family, but DIONE LED PLUS ASYMMETRIC stands out with something more. The luminaire will prove great in places where it is important to partly illuminate the surface, e.g. passageways, stairs, setbacks, other environmental details, whose visibility is important for the purpose of safety or design. Asymmetrical distribution allows to illuminate these elements by directing the light beam onto the selected area. This is particularly important in the case of publicly accessible public spaces.

In addition, it brings unlimited possibilities to create a unique room climate. It allows you to create a friendly mood while maintaining perfect lighting parameters.
The luminaire’s increased ingress protection IP65 and IK10 vandal resistance mean that DIONE LED PLUS ASYMMETRIC luminaires can be successfully used outdoors, in places that require additional lighting.

High energy efficiency, which can be further increased in the control-based version (version: RCR, DALI, Corridor function), simplified and faster mounting (due to the diffuser suspension system, quick connector, click-in system and the possibility to use through-wiring) and a subtle profile make the whole Dione Led family stand out from the large number of bulkhead luminaires available on Polish market.

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