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The coronavirus pandemic in Poland is not tapering off and the activities of medical services are not alleviated either. Despite the flattening of the epidemic curve in Poland, doctors, nurses and paramedics have their hands full. There is no need to convince anyone that the challenge they are facing is enormous and that their dedication deserves the highest respect.

Lena Lighting – a company originating from Środa Wielkopolska and developing there for 30 years, has never been indifferent to the local needs of its residents. Commitment to building awareness among children and young people on how to safely navigate the roads or supporting the development of local sports talents are just a few of the activities undertaken by Lena Lighting S.A.

Now is the time to support the work of those who are helping the residents of Środa Wielkopolska and the entire Średzki district around the clock.  We are pleased to announce that in May Lena Lighting donated UV-C STERILON virucidal lamps to the Heart of Jesus Hospital in Środa Wielkopolska. They will be used primarily to disinfect ambulances, which must be sanitised after each contact with an ill person, which is after each intervention. With STERILON UV-C lamps – which, by emitting ultraviolet light, eliminate viruses, bacteria and mould from the surface – these ambulances will become operational in a shorter time than before. This means that paramedics will be able to intervene and help the ill in need more frequently.

Lena Lighting initiative was met with gratitude by the hospital authorities. Paweł Dopierała, President of the Management Board, commented:
"Every transport of a patient with COVID or any other viral infection  requires disinfection of the entire ambulance. We can do this through ozone disinfection or chemical fogging. But we can also use UV-C lamps.

The use of the UV-C STERILON lamp together with e.g. ozone or other surface disinfection methods:
•    accelerates the sterilisation process (reducing ambulance downtime)
•    increases effectiveness of sterilisation
•    improves the safety of people who are carrying out sterilisation
•    reduces the use of chemicals.”

In a short conversation, the President of the Hospital Board also emphasised that the use of UV-C STERILON lamps, which are lamps emitting ultraviolet light, intensifies and enhances the effectiveness of standard disinfection: “By using a UV-C lamp before standard chemical disinfection of the room is performed, we limit the possibility of spreading the virus particles from the surface. In this way, we increase the efficiency, safety and speed of sterilisation operations.” According to the representative of the hospital in Środa Wielkopolska, biocidal UV-C lamps can be widely used in other areas, not only in medical facilities, namely:

“Wherever different people come into contact with surfaces through which viruses or bacteria can be transmitted. E.g. counters, checkout counters in shops. Table tops, armchairs and chairs in hair and beauty salons. In hotels, in transport, in care facilities and even at home.”

The use of virucidal lamps is an effective weapon in the fight against the spread of the pandemic and against becoming infected, and thus leads to increased people’s safety and, consequently, to the reduction of medical staff overtime working hours.

Lena Lighting S.A. Management Board wishes greater safety and reduced incidence of infections to everyone involved in the fight against the virus, hoping that the donation of lamps to the local hospital will, at least to a slight extent, contribute to battling the pandemic and improving the health of residents of the town where we live and work.

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