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UV-C STERILON FLOW – safe disinfection of occupied rooms

Lena Lighting’s offer has been expanded with new, STERILON FLOW UV-C airflow disinfection luminaires
. These devices are an ideal, economical and aesthetic solution to the problem of air disinfection in constantly occupied rooms. Thanks to stimulated circulation, the air passes through luminaire interior, where it is exposed to the light and sterilised, and then pushed outside. The shielded UVC light does not escape to the outside of the luminaire. This method allows for eliminating harmful microbes from 110 to 160 m3 of air per hour, depending on the luminaire model.

STERILON FLOW UV-C are double-function luminaires – after opening they can also be used for direct disinfection of surfaces (with observance of direct disinfection safety measures – you must leave the room during luminaire operation).

Double-function luminaires are an ideal solution for rooms with regular, temporary presence of people – e.g. in medical rooms, restaurants, beauty salons, educational and care facilities, shops and everywhere where there is a constant flow of people during the day and no room occupation at night. After night, direct disinfection of the surface,  the luminaire can work in the airflow mode during the day, disinfecting the air on a regular basis.

Exposure to ultraviolet light is an effective, safe, convenient, cost-efficient and ecological method of disinfection:
•    it does not require human labour
•    it does not require the use of chemicals – generating savings
•    it is environmentally friendly – minimises the use of chemical disinfectants

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The festival of engineers, technicians and all professionals involved in the field of electricity was set up in remembrance (falling on 1986, the 150th anniversary of death) of André Marie Ampere, a scholar of the discoverer of electric laws.

We support all professionals who take care of electrical installations every day, so we can work and function without interruptions in the supply of electricity.

We wish you a lot of health, perfect simple installations, efficient and quick assembly without short circuits and voltages.

                                                                                                                                                 TEAM Lena Lighting

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In recent years, we have continued and deepened our growing commitment to promoting an eco-friendly attitude towards business. Being aware of the importance of environmental protection behaviours and future generations inspires us to put maximum effort into offering the highest quality, energy-efficient products; and to make sure that the entire process and technology of their production do not have a negative impact on the ecosystem.

Our efforts and their effectiveness have been confirmed by the ISO 14001 certificate. This means that Lena Lighting has successfully implemented an environmental management system. The overall goal of this system is to create conditions for the functioning of the enterprise in order to minimise the negative impact on the natural environment. We have already succeeded, but we are going to continue our journey and invest in technology and knowledge aimed at care for the natural environment.

Download PDF with Environmental Management System Certyficate

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