Hulk 2 LED Basic is a HIGH-BAY lamp from the NEXT GEN line, which is a new generation of lamps dedicated to LED technology. The body, designed from scratch, made of die-cast aluminum and powder-coated, uses natural conduction and convection processes, which have a positive effect on the heat management of the lamp. The body shape with an integrated, effective heat sink and high-quality materials ensure maximum heat dissipation from the LED modules.

LEDs from a reputable manufacturer and new LED module have an impact on high luminous efficacy: max 104 lm / W. This guarantees that the required lighting level is achieved and that significant energy savings are achieved. The DOB technology used ensures a very high Power Factor (0.99) and long life. The diffuser made of PC polycarbonate provides universal distribution of 105 degrees. Standard equipped with a 0.3 m long H07RN-F cable terminated with an additional male and female connector, facilitating and improving the assembly. Its design is adapted for suspended mounting, and with the use of additional accessories also surface-mounted (ceiling and wall).


The luminaire is designed for suspended mounting using chains, ropes, etc. and with the use of additional accessories also surface-mounted (ceiling and wall) both indoors and outdoors. It works perfectly in factories and production halls as well as large-scale warehouses and logistics centers.

power [W]
temperature [K]
flux [lm]
Beam angle [°]Index
HULK 2 LED BASIC 119W        
119 4000 13700 105 963988
HULK 2 LED BASIC 162W        
162 4000 19300 105 963995
OCULUS LED motion and dusk sensor 964244
OCULUS LED - universal handle 964886
OCULUS LED - surface mounting handle 964893
OCULUS LED - protective grid 964862

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