Lightweight and very powerful portable LED floodlight for professional use. Provides even and stable directional illumination. The lamp is made of impact-resistant polypropylene (PP). The anti-glare diffuser made of polycarbonate (PC), despite its matte surface, transmits up to 80% of the light emitted by the LED. It has an ergonomic carrying handle. Standard: rubber cable H07RN-F 3×1.5mm2 (5m). With a variety of functions, the lamp is ideal for illuminating any workplace. The high luminous flux and the maximum degree of impact resistance are particularly important in the lighting of construction sites or in the work of services intervening at various emergencies. A high degree of waterproofness allows its use in the harshest weather conditions. Its light weight makes it easy to use for workplace lighting in industrial halls or finishing work.


Temporary lighting for construction site, finishing works, outdoor earthworks, road and highway repair, Especially useful for mobile services , emergency services, police, military, firefighters, construction crews, electricians, railroad repair, etc.


Rated power of the luminaire [W]Luminous flux [lm]Colour temperature [K]Ingress protectionSocket typePlug typeIndex
227 33144 4000 IP54 SCHUKO UNI-SCHUKO 901256
227 33144 4000 IP44 DK DK 901270
227 33144 4000 IP54 PL-FR UNI-SCHUKO 901263
288 45000 4000 IP54 DK DK 901317
288 45000 4000 IP54 PL-FR UNI-SCHUKO 901300
288 45000 4000 IP54 SCHUKO UNI-SCHUKO 901294

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