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Środa Wielkopolska in a new light. Local investment, global standards.

At the end of June, Środa Wielkopolska shone with new, better quality light. Thanks to the investment made by the commune authorities, the CLUE CITY system – consisting of over 170 modern TIARA LED road luminaires and integrated, technologically advanced control – has been implemented. As a result, the light is delivered in optimal amount, only when it is needed. The beneficiaries of this investment are both the commune authorities and the residents themselves. The former, thanks to the very high energy efficiency of the installed road luminaires, additionally supported by a wireless control system, save on electricity consumption and maintenance costs. While the residents profit from light that provides better visibility and supports the safety of road users and adjacent pavements. They can also be sure that the response time of service personnel is reduced to a minimum, as the intelligent system informs them on an ongoing basis about the need for any intervention.

The CLUE CITY system was provided by a local manufacturer – Lena Lighting S.A. through the company Luxmat Sp. z o.o. This is not the first investment in Środa Wielkopolska carried out by this company whose lighting solutions are provided to customers from 70 countries around the world. Earlier implementations have shown that the cooperation between the municipality and the manufacturer, whose headquarters is located in its area, brings great benefits to all parties.

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