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Emergency lighting

The purpose of the emergency light is to illuminate emergency routes and safely evacuate the area when a blackout occurs in public or private buildings, indoor car parks etc. It is more than just a building regulations' requirement, it is a security measure that saves lives. Emergency lighting is powered by a rechargeable battery or secondary back-up generator, depending on the model, which is what makes it independent of the main power supply of the building.

At Lena Lighting, we offer a full range of high-quality emergency lighting products including products that indicate the direction of evacuation routes and emergency exits. Our lights are suitable for wall or ceiling installation and are highly recommended to use in all technical rooms (corridors, basements, stairways). We use energy-efficient LED modules in all of our emergency lights to ensure durability, low maintenance, and sufficient quality. You can count on our product being there for you in a time of emergency.

If you’re looking to install, upgrade or replace your emergency lighting, we’ve got everything you need to know to make sure you’re following all the necessary health and safety guidelines. Reach out to our sales department (via email at or via phone +48 532 518 394), and ask about our current emergency lighting offer. We would be delighted to work with you and ensure that your property is secure, thanks to quality emergency lighting.