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 Międzynarodowy Dzień Elektryka 2021
The festival of engineers, technicians and all professionals involved in the field of electricity was set up in remembrance (falling on 1986, the 150th anniversary of death) of André Marie Ampere, a scholar of the discoverer of electric laws.

We support all professionals who take care of electrical installations every day, so we can work and function without interruptions in the supply of electricity.

We wish you a lot of health, perfect simple installations, efficient and quick assembly without short circuits and voltages.

                                                                                                             TEAM Lena Lighting

We focus on high-quality solutions - we joined the BIMobject platform
We focus on high-quality solutions that facilitate designers, architects and graphic designers in their daily work. That is why we joined the BIMobject platform. It is a place that allows us to meet the above assumptions and to enrich our product offer.

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Environmental education is part of Lena Lighting’s social mission. We actively participate in actions aimed at spreading environmental awareness of the society, starting from the youngest. Our intention is to build their responsibility for the natural environment. These activities have been confirmed by the just received Certificate of Implementation of Public Educational Campaigns in the Field of Environmental Protection.

Transferring the knowledge about caring for the natural environment and encouraging the youngest generation to be jointly responsible for it enables setting up the right patterns and habits that affect our climate.

As part of the campaign, in 2020, at the request of Lena Lighting, the following actions were organised:

• “PAN SPRZĄTALSKI” educational programme – a project aimed at primary schools students of 1-3 grades and children attending kindergartens. It is about the principles of selective disposal of municipal waste from households.

• „Elektroodpady NIE do kosza na śmieci” nationwide educational campaign. This action is aimed at increasing ecological awareness of the society by promoting pro-ecological behaviour and implementing a nationwide system of collecting used electrical and electronic equipment. This campaign includes, among others, the “ELEKTROŚMIECIARKA” project, consisting in implementing a long-term information and education project in the field of environmental education on topics related to rational waste management.

Download PDF: Certificate of Execution of Public Education Campaigns