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Uniwersytet Muzyczny im. Fryderyka Chopina w Warszawie

We illuminated the Chopin University of Music in Warsaw

Our energy-saving LED luminaires have been installed in the beautiful interiors of the University of Music in Warsaw. Modern designs – which perfectly complement the atmosphere of the university’s interior, and at the same time provide functio...
Lena Lighting mecenasem poznańskiego SARP-u

Lena Lighting is the patron of the Association of Polish Architects in Poznań (SARP Poznań)

We have established a long-term cooperation with the Poznań branch of the Association of Polish Architects. In previous years, we had the pleasure to support the competition for the Architectural Award of the Greater Poland Voivodeship, which ...
UV-C Sterilon Max dba o bezpieczeństwo dzieci

UV-C Sterilon Max cares about children’s safety

Our largest air disinfection luminaire has been put up in the Funmilia Playroom and Trampoline Park in Środa Wielkopolska. Thanks to the technology that uses ultraviolet light, the UV-C Sterilon Max removes viruses, bacteria and mould from the...
Hala sportowa Gliwice

We have illuminated the sports hall in Gliwice

The modern sports hall of the First High School in Gliwice has been illuminated with our energy-saving lamps. The luminaires are equipped with an intelligent control system and motion sensors, which will make it possible to adjust the lighting...
Tiara LED Zielony wzór 2021

Our luminaires at the "Creative by nature" exhibition during Expo 2020 in Dubai

Our energy-efficient luminaires – Baris LED, Sizzano, Solanto Duo and Sterilon Flow – represents Polish design and innovation during the temporary exhibition at Expo 2020 in Dubai. The exhibition, whose artistic director is Dorota Koziara, inc...

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