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Investment lighting catalogues

Lena Lighting- Energy Saving Handbook cover

Energy Saving Handbook

PDF 3.39 MB
Main catalogue Light 2022

Lena Lighting- The light inspirations cover

PDF 7.07 MB
Lena Lighting- Main catalogue Light 2022 cover

Main catalogue Light 2022

PDF 19.71 MB
Lena Lighting- expo adjust cover

Expo Adjust

PDF 3.61 MB
Lena Lighting- Sizzano cover


PDF 2.68 MB
Lena Lighting- Solanto cover


PDF 2.94 MB
Lena Lighting-  Baris LED cover

Baris LED

PDF 5.64 MB
Lena Lighting- Terrano cover


PDF 4.57 MB
Lena Lighting- Light under control ClueIN 2021 cover

Light under control ClueIN 2021

PDF 5.84 MB
Lena Lighting- Street and road lighting cover

Street and road lighting

PDF 4.51 MB
Lena Lighting- Industrial lighting Tytan LED family cover

Industrial lighting Tytan LED family

PDF 14.4 MB
Lena Lighting- Light under control ClueCITY cover

Light under control ClueCITY

PDF 0.94 MB
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Work lighting catalogues

Lena Lighting- Worplace lighting cover

Workplace lighting

PDF 6.79 MB
Lena Lighting- Light Promo cover

Light Promo

PDF 1.38 MB
Lena Lighting- MAGNUM BATTERY cover


PDF 4.69 MB
Lena Lighting- FUTURE LED family cover


PDF 4.29 MB
Lena Lighting- Profi Slim Line LED cover

Profi Slim Line LED

PDF 1.17 MB

UV-C disinfection lamps catalogue

Lena Lighting- UV-C Sterilon Max / Clean

UV-C Sterilon Max / Clean

PDF 0.94 MB
Lena Lighting- Bactericidal and virucidal lamps cover

Bactericidal and virucidal lamps

PDF 4.9 MB

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