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On the World Architecture Day
On the World Architecture Day, we would like to pay special tribute to the work of architects, who, thanks to their work, provide us not only with functional buildings but also with many valuable emotions and experiences.

Every day, our team works to deliver products that make architects' wildest visions come true. We are also happy to support and get involved in important initiatives for the architectural community.

The architecture of light is the area which is particularly close to our hearts and where we see the opportunity to change the way people perceive the role of lighting and think about light. With the development of this area in mind, we have created a special programme of cooperation with the architects, the aim of which is to support the realisation of their visions by providing innovative systems, reliable and beautiful products and comprehensive technological solutions.

We would like to thank you for our cooperation and trust and we wish many interesting projects and professional fulfilment to all the architects for days, weeks and years to come!

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