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STERILION news bigWe join the fight against the pandemic – we have created and produce the family of UV-C STERILON lamps.

Our production in Środa Wielkopolska has not slowed down during the pandemic. It is rather the opposite. In the face of danger, we decided to effectively join the fight and support people in the area which we know best and which we are professionals in – through the light.

Our designers have developed a family of UV-C STERILON lamps. These lamps, by emitting ultraviolet light, disinfect surfaces, air and water, destroying microorganisms such as viruses, bacteria and mould. Due to the high market demand for disinfecting materials, we have made every effort to immediately launch the production of UV-C STERILON in our factory in Środa Wielkopolska. Due to these efforts, UV-C STERILON lamps are already available in our offer.

UVC lamps emitting ultraviolet light are one of the most effective devices capable of removing viruses, bacteria, fungi from the surface or destroying the DNA or RNA of any exposed microorganisms. They are so powerful that they may produce harmful effects on human skin or eyes. Therefore, basic safety precautions should be observed when using UVC lamps for disinfection, i.e. you should not stay within the range of the light beam.

While implementing extraordinary precautions and new working procedures during the pandemic, we focused out thinking on preventing the spread of the virus, not only by applying rigorous procedures, but also by creating a product to combat it. Today, hoping that it will help protect the lives and health of many people and support various medical activities, we are introducing it to our offer.

The STERILON UV-C family of lamps has been designed for surface disinfection. Viruses, bacteria, fungi and other microorganisms are not resistant to the ultraviolet light it emits. It is enough to direct the UV lamp directly onto the surface for a specified time to effectively kill microorganisms.

Lena Lighting’s offer includes UV-C STERILON lamps with different wattages of 36W, 72W and 108W for use with different surface sizes. Lamps with higher power (108W) will prove well in a room up to 35 m2, those with the wattage of 72W are designed for areas of up to 25m2, while 36W lamps will disinfect a space of about 15m2.

Depending on the power of the UVC lamp, the exposure time of the surface to be disinfected varies. However, in just a few minutes you can temporarily disinfect vulnerable spaces. If the exposure time is set for a few hours and the lamp power is properly adjusted to the size of the surface, we can make sure that this space will be free from viruses, bacteria and other microorganisms.

Ultraviolet light disinfection is widely used in hospitals to disinfect operating theatres, patients’ rooms, corridors and utility rooms. However, it can be successfully used wherever contamination is probable. It is one of the effective tools in fighting the epidemic. At this very time, it is highly justified to make use of the biocidal properties of UVC lamps in grocery stores, public and private means of transport, at petrol stations, in courier companies, public administration and educational establishments. Their scope of applications is endless, not forgetting their application at homes for disinfecting rooms where bedridden people are staying, or even shopping that have been in contact with many people during the entire distribution process.

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