Lena Lighting- production hall


Lena Lighting S.A. has a technologically advanced production facility that guarantees a high level of flexibility and operational efficiency. We produce over 4 million luminaires annually, and each product that leaves the Lena Lighting production line strengthens our position of the leader in the lighting luminaires market in the country and in the world every day. Our machine park is adapted to work in a 24/7 system.

Modern machines, operated by experienced professionals, produce details of varying complexity. The automatic painting line allows for efficient execution of large orders. For the sake of the quality of our products, hard-to-reach details and non-standard forms are hand-painted by our qualified employees, thanks to which we are also prepared to produce short series and special orders for products in non-standard colors and shapes.

Lena Lighting- Production
Lena Lighting- Manufacture
Lena Lighting- hall
Lena Lighting- production machine
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Lena Lighting- production
Lena Lighting- hall

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