Lena Lighting mecenasem poznańskiego SARP-u

Expo Adjust - many applications in a compact housing

Expo Adjust is a top quality aluminum projector with LED light source. It is characterized not only by high color rendering index (Ra>90), but also high durability. The body is compact, made of aluminum. It has been additionally equipped with a radiator that effectively removes excess heat and increases the life of the luminaire. 

The luminaire is also available in ZOOM version with light angle adjustment from 22-55⁰, which increases the adaptability of the product. When changing the interior design, the projectors can be freely moved in the system of branded rails, as well as to adjust the direction of light incidence. This is the ideal solution for places and people who need accent lighting and such where we want to emphasize elements of the arrangement in a truly scenic style. These are for example commercial buildings, museums, exhibition halls, offices and even apartments.

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