The new energy-saving Terrano luminaire by Lena Lighting

Lena Lighting’s offer now features a new luminaire based on LED modules. Terrano is distinguished by excellent technical parameters and a wide range of application.

Terrano is a luminaire dedicated for modern spaces. It combines extraordinary ease of use with an elegant, avant-garde design. Therefore, it can easily become both an effective element of spectacular arrangements and a complement to subtle, minimalist designs. 

Terrano luminaires’ great advantage is that they can be quickly mounted on the supporting structure of the modular ceiling. Thanks to special hooks, the installation of a single module takes only a dozen or so seconds – it is enough to click the luminaire in and connect the power supply. And the luminaire can be reinstalled in another place just as quickly and conveniently. Moving the luminaire will not leave any traces of the mounting holes.

Our new Terrano luminaires are perfect for general lighting, but also for spot lighting of selected elements. Thanks to special connectors, you can create a variety of simple constructions, obtaining phenomenal lighting compositions on a modular ceiling.

The low glare factor (UGR 12-19) and the possibility to adjust the luminous flux to individual needs are also notable advantages. These solutions significantly improve the comfort of users.

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