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Premiere of new Messaggio lamp collection designed by Dorota Koziara

Our new lamps from the Messaggio collection are the result of a collaboration with world-renowned designer - Dorota Koziara. Her artistic vision and Lena Lighting's technological capabilities allowed us to create innovative products with different forms. Indeed, Messaggio is our first collection to include not only pendant lamps and wall sconces, but also standing lamps. The shape of all products refers to the inspiration of a sheet of paper, which is able to slightly change its form under the influence of gusts of wind. Hence, a subtle, minimalist design combined with high energy efficiency, provided by the use of LED modules and the ability to synchronize with the DALI system, which allows to regulate the value of the luminous flux.

The Messaggio lamps come in an unlimited color palette, including a multi-color version where the outside of the lamp body is a different color than the inside. The designer also proposed her own color combinations.

The combination of different versions of lamps allows you to create phenomenal light-decorative compositions that will work well in places such as hotels, restaurants, art galleries, shopping malls, representative spaces, but also private homes.

See how great our new collection looks!

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