Sizzano is a suspended ring-shaped LED luminaire, whose shape and final form are given by an impact-resistant diffuser made by rotomoulding.  The design is complemented by an inner collar in black or any RAL color to match the character and color scheme of the room.


The classic proportions of Sizzano will emphasize the prestigious character of any room without the effect of tactless domination. The length of the pendant can be adjusted to individual needs and the desired final effect. The complete adjustable suspension system with the central box is supplied with the luminaire. Multi LED versions allow the selection of 4 luminaire power and flux settings, increasing the versatility and functionality of the luminaire and reducing the number of indexes to the minimum.

Red Dot Award 2022

Sizzano, designed by Jakub Zarzyński, is a modern lamp with a touch of classicism, which won the Red Dot Design Award - the most important distinction in the world of design. The luminaire was recognised by an international jury for its high-class design and energy-saving, innovative technologies.

The interesting form of the lamp is an expression of an avant-garde approach to design. The luminaire was created with modern interiors in mind. It can act as general lighting, as well as provide ambient light, creating a mood in the room. The diffusor, which is delicate in visual perception, and at the same time very durable and impact-resistant, is the basic decorative element of this lamp. Wrapped in a collar, it looks elegant and gives the interior prestige. The soft light that the luminaire emits is evenly distributed and eye-friendly. It does not cause glare.

Rated power [W] - rangeLuminous flux of the luminaire [lm] - rangeColour temperature [K]DIMM DALIDimensions (H/W/T) [mm]Index
630/50 mm          
21-37 2200 - 3800 4000 - 630/50 468001
21-37 2100 - 3600 3000 - 630/50 468063
27 2800 4000 yes 630/50 468018
27 2600 3000 yes 630/50 468070
37 3800 4000 yes 630/50 468025
37 3600 3000 yes 630/50 468087
970/80 mm          
32-55 3200 - 5600 4000 - 970/80 468032
32-55 3000 - 5300 3000 - 970/80 468094
40 4200 4000 yes 970/80 468049
40 4000 3000 yes 970/80 468100
55 5600 4000 yes 970/80 468056
55 5300 3000 yes 970/80 468117

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