Designing lighting in a grocery store

There are many factors that contribute to the lighting of retail spaces. The first is general lighting, evenly distributed throughout the store area. The second is the exposure lighting, which focuses on spotlight that attracts the attention of consumers. You should also take into account any health and safety standards in force in stores, especially those selling open food. In addition, it is worth investing in energy-saving and durable lighting, which will reduce operating costs.

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The best type of lighting that will work in grocery stores is LED technology . It exhibits high durability features, does not react to voltage surges, maintains uniform heat during operation, is tight and resistant to external influences - it has all the standards that should be met by a luminaire that comes into contact with food. The lighting of a grocery store should be approved for use in a sanitary risk zone, that is, show a high protection index, easy to clean, no harmful substances in the composition and a uniform structure, without hazardous elements . These features are confirmed by appropriate approvals and certificates, which will allow the installation of luminaires in places with unpackaged food. In addition, such light should guarantee an attractive appearance to the food and not affect the shelf life of the products.

Lighting of alleys, expositions, shop windows

The most frequently used luminaires for exposure lighting are track lamps . They are mobile, easy to configure, you can change their angle of inclination at any time.

These headlamps are equipped with special converging lenses, thanks to which they shine with a narrow beam of light. Despite mounting at high altitude, do not lose their light power . It is also worth using special frames, intended for a specific type of food, e.g. for bread or cheese. They will allow you to get the best out of your products while keeping them fresh.

Rope lamps are ideal to illuminate the alleys. They have the ability to combine luminaires and create strings tailored to the needs and requirements of a given surface.

Let's also not forget about external and internal lighting, which aims to mark the presence of the store, attract the attention of customers. In this way, light becomes an advertisement that is supposed to bring both sales and marketing profits.

Luminaires from Lena Lighting

Perfect for lighting displays in grocery stores, LED projectors from Lena Lighting . Luminaires from this Polish manufacturer are characterized by durability, high energy efficiency and a modern design solution that will emphasize the character of the place. They are adapted to many hours of work, regardless of the prevailing conditions. They can be combined into long communication routes appropriately selected for the space in which they are to be located. The same applies to the power and dispersion of luminous fluxes, which users can freely choose for their shop.

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