Lighting of the production hall

Lighting in the production hall, as in any other workplace, is regulated by predefined standards. They allow you to control the safety and comfort of work. The luminaires used should be individually adapted to the needs and conditions of industrial premises. Currently, standard solutions have been successfully replaced by LED technology, showing high resistance, long life and energy efficiency.

Production lighting in the past and today

Until recently, discharge lamps were the most frequently used type of lighting in production halls. The light was created by electric discharges affected by metal or gas fumes.

The advantage of this type of lighting was low operating costs. However, most of them did not function without additional discharge limiting devices, the so-called ballasts.
The disadvantages also include the use of harmful substances, high heat emissivity and sensitivity to voltage changes.

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Today, LED technology has hit industrial halls. It allows for considerable savings, shows high efficiency, is safe for the environment and human health and has a positive effect on the comfort of work. Thanks to its unique design, it consumes much less energy than traditional light sources. In addition, it is still a developing technology that introduces newer and newer amenities and changes that further increase the effectiveness of LEDs.

Standards of industrial lighting

Lighting is a key factor affecting the comfort of a workplace. According to the ordinance of the Minister of Labor and Social Policy regarding general health and safety regulations in industrial premises, lighting must be provided in accordance with Polish health and safety standards. These regulations define what light is required at a given workplace and what conditions it should meet to protect the eyesight and well-being of the employee.

These standards pay particular attention to luminance intensity and distribution. They affect the speed of reaction and the quality of vision, any deficiencies in this area lead to glare or flickering, reduced ability to recognize objects. An equally important factor is the rendering and appearance of the light color, the higher its value, the more faithful the color is to the original.

LED technology for lighting production halls

There are many factors behind LED technology. It is currently the most energy-saving light source.

In rooms where the light is on almost all the time, lighting with high durability is essential. Thanks to its long service life, it positively influences changes climatic. LED lamps have to be replaced much less frequently and contain no harmful substances. As a result, enterprises generate less rainfall and do not pollute the environment. LEDs are also resistant to mechanical damage , which is a significant advantage in such spaces as production halls. It is also characterized by a lower operating temperature and the possibility of obtaining full lighting power in a short time. Investing in LED technologies pays off quickly, and also allows you to lower your electricity bills.

Types of lighting:

    • Linear lighting - Linear lighting will be perfect for large industrial areas where it is necessary to create long communication routes. Very often, it is possible to combine this type of luminaires, which allows for even lighting of the halls. Their specific lighting angle allows the lamp to be set according to the function it is to perform in the room.

    • High-bay lamps - They are perfect for lighting specific areas of the hall, they allow you to avoid illuminating unnecessary zones. The light beam is shaped into a long and narrow beam, which ensures strong and even illumination.

    • Hermetic lamps - They are used to illuminate surfaces with difficult environmental conditions. These lamps are resistant to dust, liquids and mechanical action.
    • High Bay lamps - This is the equivalent of bucket lamps, ideally suited to high bay rooms. These luminaires emit a narrow, directional light. The massive heat sink is resistant to all undesirable effects and is highly efficient.

Lena Lighting, as a leading lighting manufacturer industrial, it offers high-quality luminaires , showing high resistance and energy efficiency. These products are available in many variants, thanks to which customers can make an accurate selection and adapt the lamps to the conditions in the hall. They use LED technology, which makes the light intense, has an appropriate light distribution and is adapted to work in a diverse climate.

Intelligent lighting control

Today's technologies also allow the introduction of intelligent solutions to the industrial hall that will allow for lighting management. Thanks to such activities, the luminaires can automatically adapt to the requirements and standards, the season of the year and the day, as well as the work that is currently taking place in the hall and the needs of the employee himself.

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