Which LED floodlight on a tripod should you choose?

LED floodlights are universal luminaires that can be used both on the construction site and in a workshop or in public institutions.

However, remember to adjust the lighting parameters to the functions that the lamps are to perform in a given space. It is also worth placing the LED floodlight on a tripod, which will increase its operating range, and will positively affect the comfort and safety at work.

Which LED floodlight should you choose then?

What to consider when choosing a LED floodlight?

When selecting floodlights, it is worth paying special attention to their possibility of mounting on a tripod. This choice is related to the comfort and safety at work - the floodlight can be set anywhere, its angle of inclination and height can be adjusted, thanks to which its operating range will also increase. The wide offer on the market includes lamps that need a direct power source, but also those that are equipped with a battery. The latter is worth choosing when we know that we will not have access to electricity and when we work in difficult conditions that may deprive us of this electricity.

Knowing that the LED floodlights will be used outdoors, when buying, it is worth taking into account their high durability, resistance to weather conditions and mechanical damage. Equipping the floodlight with a motion sensor will be an additional advantage. This will allow you to minimize operating costs and reduce electricity bills. These luminaires are best mounted above the entrance gates or main entrances.

Why is it worth choosing LED floodlights? They show high strength and are energy-saving. They are also distinguished by their versatility in use and long service life. The working time of LED floodlights is incomparably longer than that of traditional halogen lamps.

Which LED floodlight to choose and what tripod to choose?

FUTURE STAND from Lena Lighting enables easy and quick installation. Thanks to the universal Click Head holder, we do not need to mount the lamp with tools and we can adjust the lighting direction depending on the needs. The solid construction of the tripod means that, together with the floodlight, it will also work in difficult conditions, e.g. on construction sites or in workshops.

Lamps from the will work great on the construction site and in the workshop. MAGNUM from Lena Lighting. Particular attention should be paid to MAGNUM BATTERY. Cordless, powered by a battery, it guarantees stable and even directional lighting. In addition, it is possible to increase the comfort and range of operation of this lamp by mounting it on a specially designed, above-described stand.

Lamp MAGNUM FUTURE LED is a lightweight and compact LED floodlight made of durable, impact-resistant materials. The anti-glare diffuser transmits up to 80% of the light emitted by the LED diodes. Its small size allows freedom in transport and assembly. The luminaire can be equipped with a FUTURE STAND tripod, which will allow you to illuminate even the darkest corners of the construction site or in the workshop.

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