Which industrial lighting to choose?

Industrial lighting plays an important role in halls or on production lines. Appropriate working conditions have a positive effect on the comfort and well-being of employees. Labor law regulations oversee health and safety, which reduces the risk of errors and accidents. Traditional light sources have been replaced by LED industrial lighting, which is characterized by high tightness, long life and energy efficiency.

Until recently, the most commonly used type of industrial lighting was discharge lamps. These fittings were popular because their operating costs were very low. Unfortunately, their numerous disadvantages, sensitivity to voltage fluctuations, the use of harmful substances and high heat emissivity resulted in the rejection of traditional light sources in favor of industrial LED lighting.

LED industrial lighting successfully works in industrial halls. This constantly evolving technology enables the introduction of changes and improvements tailored to the customer's needs. The unique design of LEDs is characterized by efficiency, long life and high energy efficiency. It contributes to the reduction of electricity bills, operating costs, is not harmful to the environment and has a positive impact on the health and comfort of work of employees. LEDs are also resistant to mechanical damage, dust and liquids, which is important in such spaces as production halls.

The most important factor to consider when choosing industrial lighting:

  • luminous efficacy - determines how strong the light beam can be produced with the consumption of 1 watt
  • lifetime - estimated period of operation while maintaining the best lighting level
  • start-up time - time needed for the lamp to reach the total light output
  • CRI - color rendering index , affects faithful color reproduction
  • light color - we divide it into warm, cold, and neutral, adjusted depending on the function of the place where it is located.

Choice of industrial lighting

Key for industrial lighting is the use of hermetic lamps, resistant to damage, dust and liquids. They are also used as industrial outdoor lighting, where they still perform their functions despite unfavorable weather conditions.

In the case of indoor industrial lighting it is recommended to use linear and High Bay lamps. Linear luminaires are perfect for large surfaces such as production halls . Their versatility allows you to connect luminaires and create long strings, evenly illuminating the workplace. The lighting angle can be adjusted depending on the function it is to perform in the room.

Luminaires of the type High Bay are the equivalent of bucket lamps, they are perfect for high storage halls. A long, profiled beam of light ensures even illumination of specific areas, which prevents illumination of unnecessary zones. These lamps are characterized by a massive heat sink, resistant to any kind of damage.

One of the latest trends is smart lighting, which finds its practical application in production halls. Individual management of light, its intensity, and the angle of incidence of the light beam allows you to adjust the lighting to the current tasks, which increases the quality of work and reduces operating costs. It also allows you to adjust the lighting power depending on the time of day, year, and access to natural light.

Lena Lighting, a leading lighting manufacturer, offers a wide range of industrial LED lighting for both indoor and outdoor use. High-quality lamps are characterized by high durability, durability and energy efficiency.

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