Which lighting for the office should you choose?

When planning office space, designers have a difficult task ahead of them. They must pay attention to functionality, aesthetics and safety. The office is also a showcase of the company, it must be tastefully decorated and comfortable, but it must also meet important criteria.

Office lighting in the workplace

One of the most important decisions is what light to choose for the office. Over the years, a lot has changed in this area, today we know that you can find LED lamps that fulfill a double role - they are aesthetic and have very good lighting parameters while ensuring good and safe working conditions.

The first rule when it comes to office lighting is quality. The light should be subdued, it must improve the concentration of working people and ensure work comfort. We spend much more time in the office than at home, so it is important that we feel good there and that the conditions at work are conducive to our well-being, and thus - health.

Lighting for the office should be even. If possible, try to provide as much natural light as possible, but if this is not possible, the lamps that we will use should have high color rendering index (Color Rendering Index - CRI) , which affects well-being and focus. Thanks to this, work becomes more effective. The higher the CRI, the more natural the light is . Even the most beautiful interior and well-chosen colors will not look properly if we choose the wrong color of the lighting.

The color of the light is also very important, with a choice of cold, warm and natural. Warm color temperature (3000K) is recommended for use in rest places, e.g. a living room at home , while cold color (4000-5000K) often it is used in offices, shops or shopping centers because it improves concentration. However, the most natural, and therefore the best for our eyesight, is the neutral color. Used both in offices and at home. The color is similar to daylight.

Office ceiling lamps

Thanks to them, we can evenly illuminate the entire room. Examples include LED louvres, ceilings, longitudinal beams, with a narrow cross-section.

It is worth investing in lamps equipped with energy-saving LED modules (they consume up to 50% less energy than traditional light sources), the advantage of which is also a very long life - often around 50,000 hours of operation. They prevent eye fatigue, but also have the so-called quick ignition, thanks to which they immediately shine with full light.

Office LED lamps Lena Lighting also meet the standards for lighting in the workplace, strictly defined in the Regulation of the Minister of Labor and Social Policy. If the situation requires it, we should invest additionally in spot lighting , such as desk lamps or wall lamps, or lower suspended lamps .

As a leading lighting manufacturer with 32 years of experience in lighting (not only office lighting), we know everything and we are still learning. From design to execution through assembly, we have been creating lamps for everyone for many years. We test office lighting every day in our office buildings. We especially recommend those that can be individually controlled, so that everyone can decide what lighting is best for them. We also recommend office lighting with Tunable white technology. We have been trusted not only by private individuals, but also large corporations and public institutions.

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