Outdoor lighting

Outdoor lighting is essential for normal operation after dark. A skilfully selected LED outdoor wall lamp is not only an effective aesthetic complement, but above all, appropriate lighting of a given surface. This is a particularly important issue in Poland, because we live in a climate where the sunset begins relatively early for most of the year. Currently, there are many different products in this segment on the market, so it is worth considering which outdoor LED lamps will work best .

Caring for comfort and the planet

Optimally designed outdoor lighting is very important. In the case of many institutions, it is conditioned by various legal norms, but it always has one goal - to provide comfort and safety to people who move around a given space. Another important aspect of lighting that is increasingly attracted attention is ecology and human impact on the environment. For this reason, it is worth choosing energy-saving outdoor lamps using LED bulbs.

Why should outdoor lighting be based on an LED panel?

The basic factor indicating the right choice of outdoor lighting such as an LED outdoor wall lamp is energy efficiency of the LED technology used. It is characterized by record luminous efficiency, which means that no other bulb will emit more lumens with the same electricity consumption. Older equivalents need almost five times more electricity! In addition, there is a lifetime of 50,000 hours, thanks to which LED panel replacements do not have to be too frequent. However, not the LED panels themselves are important. Outdoor lighting requires the use of professional luminaires integrated with the LED panel. This is due to the necessity of protection of the LED panel against external factors such as moisture, dust, extreme temperatures. It is often also about impact resistance, thanks to which external lamps are more resistant to possible mechanical damage, caused by, for example, acts of vandalism.

Where can LED lighting be installed?

Outdoor lighting can be installed in different places. For example, our offer includes lighting fixtures that will be suitable for public and private roads. As an experienced LED lighting manufacturer Lena Lighting we guarantee that the proposed products meet all the necessary standards. Calculations show that modernizing road lighting significantly reduces electricity costs.

There are also outdoor lighting used in parking lots and other objects , such as field warehouses etc. In these cases, the standards are not as strict, but it is still necessary to use efficient luminaires so that users can move around the area comfortably.

 It is recognized that should aim to evenly cover the surface with light. Why?

When external lighting is not uniform, the human eye must constantly adapt to the prevailing conditions, which not only reduces comfort, but can also aggravate vision defects. A good addition is light sensors that will automatically turn on the lamps when it is dark.

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